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FAQ • 28. October 2019

Questions and answers all around paroContour

Since the launch of the paroContour system, this CAD/CAM technology for manufacturing individual insoles has become the world's leading technology. We answer the most important questions about this system here.

Which technique do I have to buy in order to be able to manufacture my insoles with CAD/CAM technology in the future?

The typical configuration consists of a scanner to capture the plantar foot shape, a package of various software units of one of the CNC milling machine.

The scanners are available in different classes:

  • 2D-Scanner:
    This is the simplest form of a scanner, which we only recommend for proprioceptive care, e.g. for therapy soles.
  • Mobile 3D-Scanner:
    The mobile 3D scanner, which also records a clinical image, offers an interim solution. But he can only scan one foot at a time. Rather, it is intended as a replacement for this technology for exterior use.
  • Mobile 3D-iPad Scanner:
    An affordable alternative to plantar scanning, with which you can scan foam impressions and the full foot using a 3Dv scanner. This alternative also allows users without high supply numbers to use modern 3D technology.
  • Scan-Station:
    The system scans, specifies and is extremely simple in use, even staff from outside the industry can easily work with the ScanStaion at any time. The system is suitable for the fully integrated production of individual insoles with maximum reproduction precision and maximum efficiency, with a clear pre-defined sequence from anamnesis to measurement and order management.


Is it really possible to work with it as individually as I would like?

paromed's philosophy is to use modern technology to enable the user to provide an effective and efficient process for the cost-effective production of individual care products.

Satisfied customers and easy replacement due to reproducibility are a clear value plus.

The paroContour system is certainly the ideal solution to meet all the different requirements placed on the supply of insoles in the various countries in Europe.

What is the training procedure, is it difficult?

The training is very stress-free, because we do not leave you alone. It is our interest that you work with our systems as quickly as possible. After the installation of the system in your facility, you will be trained for the first 2 days. In the beginning we discuss your individual care with you so that the training is exactly customized to your needs. Afterwards you will work with the system for a few weeks and then we will gladly offer you further training sessions. During the whole training period we are at your side as your partner.

What is the most efficient way to work with the system?

Since the launch of the paro360 software at the end of 2016, the most efficient process is as follows:

  • In the system, you will generate various ideal insole designs for certain frequently repeated pathologies, e.g. heel spur care, diab. foot syndrome, metatarsalgia, etc. These insoles have a very special handwriting. You can create as many individual designs as you like.
  • The foot scan is automatically evaluated by the software and you select the respective insoles history according to your examination results. Now the elements of this insole design are automatically placed in the right locations. All you have to do is adjust the heights of the elements to suit your individual requirements.
  • Finally, you select the suitable blank according to the load pattern and you are ready to start producing the insoles.

Why should I buy the system from paromed?

If the insoles market is already a core business for you or should become one, you should use the best technology available. paromed offers you significant advantages here:

  • Milling on both sides
    With the paromed technology, you are able to define both sides of the insole, the foot side and the shoe side, in the software and then mill them. This aspect is not known by many, but offers you many advantages in practice. An insole, e.g. for the Finnkomfort shoe, fits into the shoe as if it were supplied ex works. This means that the insole quality is no longer affected by poor working quality when processing the underside. In addition, a follow-up treatment fits like the first treatment, because the form was completely defined.
  • Precise installation of soft upholstery
    Soft upholstery can be integrated in the exact correct position, no matter where it sits on the insole. The milling machine produces any material transition for you.
  • Fast implementation
    Even with extremely short milling times of less than five minutes for one-sided milling per pair or less than eight minutes for two-sided milling, surface qualities are achieved that hardly require any reworking.
  • Constant further development
    We are constantly developing the technology in order to further optimize the system. So far, we have been able to integrate all measures into the systems through upgrades, so that our customers could benefit directly from the innovations.


How long does the milling machine last?

This depends primarily on the material you are milling. We leave it up to our customers which blanks they would like to use for the production of the insoles. The most common materials are EVA, but unfortunately EVA is not always EVA. It is blended by the manufacturers with various plastics, depending on whether it is to be a particularly cheap material or particularly high quality. This also affects the load on the milling machine.

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