Successfully focused on the worldwide foot health market SINCE 1990

Individual foot fittings with experience and know-how

For over 30 years, paromed has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality, innovative solutions for modern foot fittings. With know-how. With vision. With confidence.

Proven orthopaedics and fitting technology partner

Our portfolio and our customer-oriented approach make us a reliable, proven partner worldwide for all vocational groups involved in providing professional care for foot problems. We place great emphasis on efficient solutions of high quality. Our commitment is dedicated to one objective: your success.

Always a step ahead

Embed all process steps as comfortably as the feet of your patients

When all processes are perfectly integrated, a precisely fitting insole is the result. This quality of results is offered by paromed with crucial competitive advantages in production: benefit from innovations that are unique the world over and economic efficiency in the entire process.

Convenient access to innovative foot fittings

Overview of our products

Four phases, one software: thanks to paro360, data processing and the functions of all devices are perfectly integrated.

Measuring and recording

  • paroGraph 
    • Quick and mobile for static and dynamic pressure measurement


  • paroScan 2Dm 
    • The handy 2D scanner with the highest precision
  • paroScan 3DiPad 
    • Scanner and iPad as an economical unit for plantar scans in 3D quality
  • paroScan 3Dmc
    • The 3D foot sole scanner for digital height information and clinical coloured images
  • paroScan 3Ds 
    • Efficiency and precision from pairwise scanning to the clinical image
  • paroScan 3DV 
    • The full foot scanner for mobile applications
  • paroScan 3Dh 
    • Cost-effective scanning of foot impression foams 


  • paro360 
    • Flexible, individual and automated design of both the upper and lower sides


  • paroContour L1 
    • The entry-level model for 600 to 800 pairs of insoles per year
  • paroContour S1 
    • Finished insole pairs, milled on both sides in less than 8 minutes
  • paroContour C12 (LL)
    • The industrial insole milling machine including laser labelling
  • paroContour C6 (LL), C9 (LL), C18 (LL) und C24 (LL)
    • Scaling of the concept to the ideal size for your company


  • paroParts
    • Optimum quality and large selection of milling material


  • glabbal
    • Stylish sandals with individual formed footbed


  • Insoles
  • Shoe lasts
  • glabbal