Industrial insole milling machine

paroContour C12 for up to 12 insoles per interval

Unique efficiency

With the paroContour C12, outstanding quality and productivity are standard. It is capable of milling and cutting out up to 12 pairs of individual insoles per milling interval – in various material and design combinations, and at an industrial level.

Meeting the highest standards

The paroContour C12 delivers peak performance in terms of speed, quality and precision:

  • Fabricates up to 12 pairs of individual insoles/hour per milling interval in various material combinations
  • Features a special holder for blanks in two sizes for fast loading and turning of the insole blanks
  • Reduces grinding to a minimum thanks to the oscillating knife that cuts out the insoles from the outer contour
  • Dual-sided milling and cutting guarantees a top-quality finished product

All data readily at hand

From the materials being used to individual settings:
projectManager C12 stores complete information for each milling order and makes it accessible at any time.

Solution details

Technical data

  • Milling machine, complete: 2400 x 1900 x 1650 mm
  • Overall weight: approximately 1.5 tonnes on 4 feet
  • Operating voltage: 3 x 400 V, N, PE, circuit breakers in 32A C characteristic

Optional extraction:
Extraction via a 120 mm duct. Connection to a centralised extraction system or separate extraction system available as an option is supported. Negative pressure min. 2000 Pa, nominal flow rate min. 800 m³/h.

Scope of delivery

Milling machine

  • bto-PC
  • 12 holders for blanks
  • Thermostats for spindle cooling
  • User manual


  • High-performance extraction system
  • Laser labelling


  • paroContour C6
  • paroContour C12 (LL)
  • paroContour C18 (LL)
  • paroContour C24

Always ready for the next step

The highly modern processing technologies of the paroContour C12 have been meeting the high standards for the production of insoles in large quantities since 2010. This is going to continue in the future.