PAROCONTOUR Milling Machine X1

FOR Perfect Results

Performance at the next LEVEL

Innovation, quality and efficiency, these are the goals. we pursue with our developments. Uncompromising products that allow our customers to optimize work processes.

With the perfect interaction between paro360, milling and cutting, you can save up to 60% of manual rework. At the same time, you increase the use of space of the blank and significantly increase the accuracy of reproduction.

This creates room for development.


•  Time saving, increased efficiency and less finishing

•  Two work steps combined in one machine

•  Proven features combined with the latest technical features

• Completely new screen, intuitive menu navigation with more information also for support

• Extended service life of components and less wear

• Dual connection option for central extraction and vacuum cleaner, optimized extraction result, antistatic design of the extraction pipes in the machine

THE single-place milling machine - milling and cutting

Benefit from 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering for insole production. The function of cutting out the inserts has been exciting since 2010 with the introduction of our C machines and is finally being used in a compact single-place milling machine.


• Machine including all necessary connection cables

• Milling

• Knife

• Blank holders

• Manual

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