3D Foot Scanner

PAROSCAN 3DMc the multifunctional colour scanner

Mobile or Stationary always FIRST CLASS SCANS

With the paroScan 3Dm mobile scanner, the premium paromed technology can be used anywhere the user requires it: away from headquarters, at branches, in medical practices and hospitals. The portable unit has a weight of just 7,2 kg and supplies a digital scan as well as a clinical image of the foot. In combination with the new paro360 software update, this scanner can also create color images (C=coloured/colored).

Benefits and advantages

The paroScan 3Dm makes foot scanning efficient and convenient:

  •   Portable unit with premium technology
  •   Suitable for mobile and stationary use
  •   Scanning a foot within seconds
  •   Recording of the clinical coloured image
  •   Presentation of the plantar view in the 3D model
  •   Lightweight transport
  •   Foamboxes and -print as well as footscan
  •   Load capacity up to 200 kg

portabel, convenient and coloured

The paroScan 3Dmc is not only easy to transport, it is also very straightforward to use and efficient. Also the scanning of foamboxes and -print as well as footscans are possible with the 3Dmc without any problems. Cumbersome work with foam impressions and plaster casts is eliminated along with the resulting disposal costs.

Solution details

Technical data

  • Scanner, complete:
    545 x 294 x 87 mm incl. feet
  • Weight: 7,2 kg incl. device plug
  • Electrical data: 100 - 240 V / AC 50 - 60 Hz
  • Scan precision: +/- 0,4 - 1,0 mm
  • Load capacity: upt to 200 kg
  • Scanning time for a scan: 3-6  sec
  • Matrix-Resolution: 0,5mm in system
  • Integration in the paroScan 360 software and from version V1,07 the scan is displayed in color

Scope of delivery

  • 3D-Scanner
  • 3D scanning software (to generate the scan data)
  • Comfortable carrying case with notebook compartment
  • USB port
  • Cold-device plug
  • User manual

Always ready for the next step

There are numerous methods for taking foot impressions. The lightweight, mobile paroScan 3Dmc is an especially comfortable, effective and high-performance solution for users.