High-speed insole milling machine

paroContour S1 – for optimum results

Ready for speed and efficiency

The paroContour S1 mills one pair of insoles on the top and bottom simultaneously in less than 8 minutes. An insole shape with maximum definition and optimum fit is the result – reproducible at any time.

For demanding users

The paroContour S1 has the power to meet the highest standards in terms of quality and efficiency:

  • Ultimate milling quality thanks to a high-frequency spindle with a speed of up to 40,000 RPM
  • Axes with overpressure for optimal durability
  • Exact fixation of the blanks using a vacuum process (alternative: mechanical)
  • Automated process with individually configurable milling intervals
  • Clear user guidance on the touch panel
  • Option to remove and manually process the blanks after a milling interval (for example with an additional soft pad), including exact repositioning for subsequent milling processes
  • Standard extraction of material residues during the milling process to ensure high-end milling performance

Suitable for any location

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the paroContour S1 finds space anywhere. A suitable work table (W x H x L: 814 x 902 x 970 mm) can be supplied on request.

Solution details

Technical data

  • Milling machine, complete: 820 x 590 x 851 mm
  • Weight: 113.0 kg
  • Operating voltage: 3 x 230 V/50 Hz, 4.0 kW CEE16-6h outlet 3 x 16 A, delayed action, connection cable

Scope of delivery

  • Milling machine
  • Extraction system
  • Holders for blanks
  • User manual

Always ready for the next step

The paroContour S1 is a good choice for anyone who wants to optimise their insole fabrication in terms of speed and precision. Today and in the future.