3D foot scanner

paroScan 3Di for mobile use


The paroScan 3Di is the cost-effective alternative for plantar foot scanning, for scanning foam impressions, as well as capturing full foot scans using a 3D scanner. Even users who only do a limited number of fittings can use modern 3D technology. The paroScan 3Di App in combination with the paroScan 3Di turns the iPad into a low-cost mobile 3D scanning unit, which can easily be integrated into existing euipment.The concept is very simple: Use an iPad and the scanner unit with the appropriate holder and rent the app.

Convincing price and performance

Both paroScan 3Di and paroScan 3Di App combine innovation with latest technology, for modern and mobile foot fittings:

• Easy installation and handling
• User friendly interface
• Innovative technology
• Extremely lightweight and perfect for mobile use
• Low-cost system expansion
• Also perfect for smaller companies and branch structures


The high-performance paroScan 3Di
App helps users work cost effectively,
mobile and time saving. All is done in
the correct paromed format, hence the
data seamlessly integrates into paro360
software and post-processing is no longer

Solution details

Technical data

  • Scanner complete:
    109 x 18 x 24 mm
  • Gewicht weight:
    65 g
  • Operating system:
    iOS 15 and newer
  • Divers:
    aluminium housing,
    USB 2.0
  • Compatible models:online check via: https://iosref.com/ios#ipad

Scope of delivery


  • Scanner
  • Scanner holder
  • iPad connection and charging cable
  • User manual


  • Plantar- and full foot scans

Always ready for the next step

Every foot is unique. With the
paroScan 3Di and matching software, an individual foot fitting is possible anywhere and anytime thanks to innovative technology.