Construction of glabbal sandal flip flops

If you are interested in the construction of glabbal sandales, you are in the right place.

The production of the popular flip-flop is done in a few steps. In the explanatory video, all the steps are shown so that you can also produce the kit in your company.

Step by step to the custom made sandal:

1. fitting of the EVA blanks into the frame incl. extension frame
2. 3D milling of bottom on both sides
3. cutting out of the foot bed (orthopaedic footbed)
4. tools and EVA-glue from the sector footwear technology
5. fitting to the customer's foot and marking the position of the toe bridge
6. creation of leadthroughs for toe bar and side shaft
7. covering all components with EVA-glue
8. pressing the bottom shaft parts onto the footbed 
9. fitting the outersole
10. pressing wedges ensure permanent rolling performance and pressing of the components with vacuum
11. finishing 
12. delivery of the individually custom made sandal

Video glabbal-Terra-Construction