paro360 Software update

Overview of some highlights of the new update

With the update of the paro360 Software V1.99 our customers can expect a variety of new functions that make the software even more productive and flexible. We have not only updated the software in terms of content and technology, but also updated the user interface.

  • Changes in the address field are highlighted in colors
  • After billing-import on change, the corresponding customer is now automatically selected
  • Multiple selection in the customer tree                      
    ("Multiselect" for export and delete)
  • Preparations for ADE Manager integration
  • Preparations for connecting new KK card readers
  • Preparations for user and rights management
  • Preparations for additional quick start button, e.g. foot foam

  • Integration of the new 3Dmc color scanner including colour display and algorithmic photo enhancement
  • Profile for blueprint scans with 2D scanners
  • Profile for footprint scans with 3Dmc scanner

  • Profiles for creating 3D insoles
  • Extended default settings for the heel cup
  • Preferences for range extension added
  • Customer and transaction are displayed in the title bar
  • Colour photos also in modelling (iPad scanner, 2D and 3Dmc scanner)
  • Enhanced print function in modelling






  • Complete update of the underlying technology
    (Qt5.12, MSVC2019)  
  • Connection to iPad scanner with additional colour photo for use in modelling
  • New language: Spanish


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