02. October 2019

glabbal – easy sales increase

„glabbal“ represents a modern and innovative shoe concept. Some customers who need orthopedic insoles have the possibility to design a stylish summer shoe themselves without sacrificing the comfort of insoles. Orthopaedic companies benefit from a guaranteed increase in turnover, as the current product range can be expanded without any financial investment.

That´s glabbal

The word "glabbal" originally comes from the alpine region and is named after Bavarian wooden slippers, because they give off a typical "chattering" while walking.
The unique variety of designs, materials and colours in combination with the individually shaped footbed creates a unique tailor-made glabbal. The product range reaches so more than 6.300 different models. Orthopaedic companies can generate profitable additional business without taking capital into their hands in the first step.
The following infographics give an overview of the number of model types.

From configuration to ready-to-wear sandal

Together with your customer, the glabbal model is designed online in the glabbal configurator.
Then the glabbal kit is manufactured.  The kit consists of a pair of milled insoles with outsole and shafts. You can choose whether we take over the production for you or you have the option of your own production::  

1. modelling, milling and grinding by paromed

The cheapest way to start manufacturing glabbal sandals, without purchase costs. After a first personal conversation we will send you a personalized login for the glabbal configurator.

After all, required customer-specific data such as foot length, foot width and shoe size have been entered in the configurator, the system still needs an image of the foot scan. Alternatively, you can also send us a step foam or a blue print..

At the latest after 5 working days you will find the glabbal kit in the post.
In addition, we will be pleased to provide you with a product video on request for the final measurement adjustment. In this case it is also possible to order a few individual orthopaedic insoles for an extra charge.

External milling by paromed

If you work already with one of our foot scanner and model* in our paro360 software, then you can send us the data and the order simply online.

We mill the selected blank and send you the shaft and, if you wish, the outsole within 5 working days. If you want, you can also order the perfect orthopaedic insoles for shoes at the same time at an extra charge.


2. In-house manufacturing

If you work already with one of our scanners, milling machine and paro360 software, you can of course model* and mill by yourself.

Together with the customer, the favorite model is designed online in the glabbal configurator. For the in-house production of the summer sandals, we will send you the selected outsole as well as the shaft and the related product video on request within 5 days


Overview of added values

  • No purchase costs if you work with the customer login in the glabbal configurator
  • No storage costs
  • Strengthening the customer relationship through individual service
  • Marketing support in form of advertising materials (e.g. posters, flyers, postcards, vouchers)

The glabbal concept can be easily integrated into any shoe range and gives you a significant increase in turnover - find out more: Link to video and instructions


*For modeling the relevant models on your local computer, we offer product-related model modules, called libraries.