Product • 10. September 2023


Find out more about our new "SupraSport" blank material.

We are very pleased to be able to present you with a completely new combination of materials as a blank variant.

We have always strived to provide our customers with the best possible material for patient care. The final result of this venture is the SupraSport material. We round off our Supra line with the SupraElast and SupraFlex, which have proven themselves in recent years. The positive feedback from our customers on this material, both in terms of increasing the quality of care and patient feedback, supported our decision.

Driven by this feedback, we would like to introduce you to the extended "Supra" line of blanks today, the EVA material combines properties that raise the material to an unprecedented level. At the same time, the EVAPUR line also allows us to use an optimized blank shape, which increases material utilization and thus reduces waste. For details and measurement data on this new material, please refer to the enclosed data sheet.


WHAT IS SupraSport?
It is an innovative material for the optimal supply of dynamic sports applications. SupraSport combines the highest demands for maximum energy return, dynamics and elasticity. The result is a custom-made product for exercise sports that provides the user with maximum support. Both the soft forefoot area and the harder rearfoot area are made from the same compound. This ensures maximum dynamics over the entire step sequence.


HOW IS SupraSport MADE?
SupraSport is made from a high percentage of EVA material and natural rubber with a lower percentage of polyethylene and processed into a foam.

In the first step, the raw granules made of ethylene vinyl acetate and polyethylene go into the Banburry mixer. There the granules are mixed, heated and kneaded into a solid rubber mass. Propellant and cross-linked EPDK (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber) are added to this mass in a cylinder mixer and heated again to approx. 130 degrees. The material gets its plate shape in the calender press and after another quality check, the still soft plates are placed in the extremely hot vulcanization press. Only the panels that fulfill our high quality standard are used for further blank production.


Above all, SupraSport naturally stands for high resilience, elasticity and enormously high and fast recovery properties and is therefore particularly suitable for use in exercise sports. The excellent elasticity in combination with the cushioning properties of SupraSport reduces the effect of fatigue and gives the feeling of running on clouds without compromising stability. On top of that, SupraSport does not lose its durability even under constant stress and remains highly elastic. Due to the composition and selection of high-quality materials, SupraSport has a longer durability compared to other material compositions.


The following graph shows the difference between SupraSport and Comfort in the compression set test. The linear power absorption of SupraSport is striking, which is equivalent to a more homogeneous compression in the loading phase.

The recovery features of the SupraSport is even better than that of the Comfort. The optimal choice  for athletes, as less energy is lost with each step and the performance can be provided with less loss and in a more targeted manner.