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Our paro360 software allows you to efficiently and comprehensively handle all foot-related processing with a single tool – on all devices and for all requirements.

paro360 unites central applications, patient administration and a database. It integrates all data for central availability, making your day-to-day work easier.

paro360 is also especially flexible thanks to its modular structure. Thus the software can be adapted to your personal requirements on site and configured with individual combinations. This is because we know that a branch installation imposes different requirements than using the software in the production facility. Thanks to the modular structure, you only pay for the software you actually need. Licensing is another plus. paro360 can be installed on as many PCs as you want.

Components and functions of paro360

SQL database

A SQL database forms the foundation of paro360. It runs in the background and stores all data for patients, parts, etc.

What you need to know: the licenses are flexible within a database, which means you can install the software on as many computers as you want. Then the number of licenses simultaneously regulates access to the database.


Our software also offers numerous options to make your work faster, more efficient and customer-oriented during the modelling process:

  1. Patient setup:
    You can set up patients directly, import them from industry software via an interface or transfer them with a health card reader.
  2. Patient structuring:
    You can structure patients in various databases, for example by branch, by finding, etc.
  3. Current service recording:
    You can record the respective current service under the patient, for example scanning, pressure measurement, modelling, etc. Thus the data are always available to you at a glance.
  4. Central recording of all patient data:
    You can also add several digital information pages to the patient data. For example, you can store the pain appraisal form directly in the patient file along with the digital version of the shop order. The advantage: all relevant information is directly accessible.
  5. Digital processing possibilities:
    Make specified documents available on other media! For example, the pain appraisal form can be filled out by the patient in advance on a tablet while sitting in your waiting room.

Important information: you can enter important notes for each process. These are then visible throughout the production process (modelling, milling).


Our software also offers numerous options to make your work faster, more efficient and customer-oriented during the modelling process:

  1. Drag & drop:
    At the start of the modelling process, the operator decides whether to model one foot or both feet at once. When both feet are modelled, the ongoing process can be easily transferred from one side to the other using drag & drop.
  2. Intelligent database:
    The extensive database included in the scope of delivery, the software that thinks with you and the use of histories enable a processing time of just 2 to 4 minutes for a pair of custom insoles.
  3. Degree of customisation:
    You can individually select the degree of customisation. Naturally the modelling time is then also adapted to the fitting service chosen by your patient.
  4. Bilateral modelling:
    Use bilateral modelling to perfectly prepare the insole for the shoe type that will be used. This reduces the post-processing time by 10 to 20 minutes.


fileManager is used for order management in the milling process and fully decouples production from modelling and scanning. With the information supplied in fileManager, your production employee always has an overview of the order situation, all relevant details for the process steps to be completed, and the selection of materials for an order.

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