Integrated insole fabrication

paroContour ensures consistent processes

Scanning, modelling and milling in one system

The fully integrated fabrication of custom insoles with maximum repeat accuracy and the highest efficiency is the guiding principle of our philosophy. We also minimise the process costs in data processing. paroManager integrates branches for insole milling (in combination with ADE-Manager) – centralised and reliable.

Milling with lasting cost-effectiveness

paroContour is a robust system for professional users like yourself. Of the many milling machines in this series, only one (serial no. 0001) has been retired so far – after 15 productive years and about 80,000 pairs of insoles. Based on the current price of the machine, this means the machine cost is approximately EUR 0.36 per pair.

There have been six relevant further developments of the hardware and software since the paroContour was introduced. Even the retired machine could be upgraded to the current state of the art (8.5 minutes for milling 1 pair of insoles on both sides) right up to the end. You cannot get more lasting investment protection than that.

Everything for your sustained success

As a manufacturer’s brand, our service is of very special quality. You always talk to people who know our technology through and through. Thus no time is wasted if you should require assistance. Our state-of-the-art online service is available to you as an option. We are dedicated to our technology because we know how important it is to you.

Product benefits

  • Positive positioning of the blanks without adhesive films
  • Milling of insoles on both sides based on an extensive library for lower sides
  • High cutting performance thanks to high-frequency spindle (U = 40,000 RPM) guarantees a clean surface
  • Short processing times for one pair of insoles (approximately 8.5 minutes per pair)
  • Minor manual finishing after dual-sided milling (only in the area of the heel cup)
  • Semiautomatic integration of soft padding
  • Positive milling for the fabrication of insole lasts in rigid foam, for example for the subsequent production of hard shell insoles

Guaranteed future
As we have in the past 21 years, paromed will continue working on the technical further development of this technology in the future in order to strengthen its leading position and provide you with optimum support. In doing so, we keep on finding new approaches and ideas to optimise and speed up processes.

History and development of the paroContour® system

1997: First delivery of paroContour
2000: Development of the new blank designs that are common today
2003: Dual-sided milling in top quality
2005: Introduction of mobile 3D scanners
2007: Milling times below 10 minutes for dual-sided milling
thanks to introduction of the “Look-Ahead Technology”
2008: Accelerated modelling processes through the use of dynamic database elements
2009: Introduction of a mobile 3D full foot scanner
2010: New paroContour C12 milling machine for industrial milling and cutting of 12 pairs of insoles
New paroContour C12LL milling machine with automated laser labelling of the milled insoles
2012: First decommissioning of an S1 milling machine, serial number 1 from 1997, approximately 80,000 pairs of insoles